All neighbors had a plan to deal with flooding and severe storms.
All neighborhoods and businesses committed to supporting each other during severe weather events. 
Imagine a Coralville where...

Resilience starts with us.

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What is this project?

The Coralville Flood Resilient Action Plan seeks to engage with community members to create a plan that addresses real flood impacts.

This is a collaborative project of the University of Iowa that is working closely with the City of Coralville and many community members.

Our emphasis on community engagement and outreach is to make sure that people and their voices are centered in the planning process. We intend to bring in community experts with different experiences and from different backgrounds to help us plan for resilience.

Below is our estimated timeline. Please check back for updates!

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About Us

Project Team

We are a team of community members and organizations that care deeply about flooding and severe storm impacts on our community. If you see us around town, please say hello!

V Fixmer-Oraiz
& Environmental Planner
Astig Planning, LLC
John Boller
Executive Director
Coralville Food Pantry
David De La Torre
Organizing Planner
Astig Planning, LLC
Judy Joyce.png
Judy Joyce
Wetland Scientist
Impact 7G
Cristina Muñoz De La Torre
Resilience Planner
Astig Planning, LLC

Project Partners

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